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December Newsletter

Dear Friends,

At the end of last year, God began to speak to us about building HIS house first, with a promise that as we build His house, He would take care of ours. Since then, we’ve endeavored to filter every decision through this question: Does this build His house? In 1 Peter 2:5, scripture says the saints are built up into a spiritual house where God dwells! So whether in the nations, in our city, in our church, or in our home, we are building our Father’s House. Here are some of the ways we’ve been able to build His house this year:

Celebrate Recovery: Every week, over 100 individuals struggling with various forms of

addictions are led into God’s presence by our team, whether virtually or in-person, which is made up of individuals from about 8 churches. We absolutely love being able to partner with these incredible people and consider ourselves privileged to be able to provide leadership for the worship ministry of Celebrate Recovery!

Mexico and Arizona: In late February, we had the privilege of leading worship for YWAM’s 60th anniversary celebration in Mexico. We had the joy of leading over 400 individuals gathered from multiple nations into the praises of our God! And the time with Aunts, Uncles and cousins is invaluable! The conferences, which were to follow, ended up being canceled due to the growing concerns of Coronavirus. But this opened the door for us to visit our friends and loved ones at the Springs Church in Arizona! It wasn’t long after returning to Mexico that we had to quickly pack up and make our way back to Washington, as there were rumors of the border closing!

Reaching further from our Living Room:

With the swiftly changing realities of Covid-19, we found ourselves back home learning new

ways, with new technologies and new challenges to lead people in worship. God allowed us the joy of leading worship several times a week via Zoom with YWAM leaders all over North, Central and South America. It was such a joy to be connecting to the nations while in our living room! And to hear as many as 1,200 people on Zoom worshipping and interceding for the nations together was incredible! We recognize that worship is a weapon and when we engage in lifting up the name of Jesus, His presence inhabits that space and the foes of God tremble! We also began a weekly night of worship streaming live on facebook with friends from as far as India, connecting and worshipping with us. We had many reach out to us and share stories of how the Lord was encouraging them and giving them hope to get through some very painful times through these times of worship.

Starting at Home:

We have a conviction that we’re called to this ministry as a family. This is one of the reasons we homeschool. One of the greatest joys is having conversations with our children about who God is and seeing them begin to step into ministry with us. This year, we’ve seen Téa, our beautiful 10-year old girl, growing in her gift as a drummer! Twice now, she has traveled with Erica to other churches to serve in worship with her gift. We love her heart and her deep-thinking mind. John, who is 7, has begged for years to play the violin. Last month, his Papa helped him string a violin that had been given to him. Since then, John has been teaching himself how to play and joins us in playing worship songs at home. He has an amazing gift of playing by ear and we look forward to when we can get him lessons! Ethan turned 5 in September. He is our prayer warrior! He has a very compassionate heart and is always asking to pray for someone. He is also our wild one! He recently spent a week battling a kidney infection. It was a tough week, but he’s getting back to his rowdy self.


When God spoke to us that He would take care of our house, we would never have guessed that in the middle of these crazy times, we’d be finally moving into a house of our own! God’s timing and faithfulness and provision are always amazing. Everything has come together and right at the time we needed to find a place to live, our townhouse in Arizona had enough equity for us to find a home of our own to move into! We have some work to do to get it ready, but we’re very excited about what this means for us as a family and for our ministry. And we are so thankful for our friend and long-time ministry partner, Catherine Schaefer, who helped us to sell our house in AZ! If you are in AZ and need a real estate agent, we highly recommend Catherine.

We would love to share more, but this newsletter is already getting long! We feel extremely rich when we think of all of the amazing people God has brought into our lives. Thank you for your encouragement and support and most of all, your friendship. We hope and pray that you know God’s nearness and His hope, peace and provision through these unprecedented times. And if you haven’t heard, here are a couple of the songs we released during this time. We hope they bless you!



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