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Let us worship

I love taking time during the week to just worship Jesus without feeling the need to lead anybody else! These soaking moments are where I draw my strength and regain the right perspective as I gaze upon the face of Christ! Some of my favorite songs have come from these spontaneous times of worshiping my Heavenly Father! This was one of those songs! It was a couple of weeks before I had to lead worship for men’s retreat. I found myself singing these words from Psalm 95:6, “O come let us worship,” and as has become my habit, I had my phone recording just in case something happened that would be a blessing to someone else. I decided to write this song as a call to worship. I thought of the men who would be at retreat. These men would be from different social, economic and racial demographics but would stand as one under the name of Jesus. This, I believe, is the essence of corporate worship: diverse individuals responding together to the unique work the same God has done in each of their lives! While singing at the retreat, I stuck a camera in the back to capture the moment! I hope it blesses you! See the lyrics and video below.

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Let Us Worship

Verse 1

For all who thirst there’s a river

For all who hurt there’s a healer

For weary hearts there’s a sabbath

In this place Christ our rest is here, He is here

Chorus 1

O come let us worship

O come let us bow before our Father

O come let us worship

O come let us O come let us crown Jesus Lord of all

Verse 2

Enter His gates with thanksgiving

Come to His courts with highest praises

Join the angels in their singing

Hallelujah, forever our God reigns


At His name the darkness scatters

Like shadows at the burst of light

At His voice the mountains crumble

And fall before his endless might

He's the shout of a ransomed army

From every tribe and tongue singing

Chorus 2


Hallelujah, Our God reigns, He reigns


Hallelujah, Our God reigns, He reigns

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