We are a family of 5 with a call to the nations. We love Jesus, we love music, we love worship and we love nations. When we hear a worship song in a different language our collective hearts skip a beat, as joy wells up in us because Jesus is receiving His inheritance; worship from the nations. (Psalm 2:8).


This love and call to see the nations worship is what drew us together. God separately prepared us for the work we do now. Erica is passionate about discipleship and seeing nations express themselves in worship in their purest cultural context. Moses, on the other hand, loves fusion. He loves to incorporate different sounds, styles, and languages into the songs that he writes. He also loves to write songs that allow for different languages and expressions to happen simultaneously. 


Our kids are a part of our ministry. Whenever possible they go with us wherever we go. Téa, age 7, is a bundle of energy who never stops. She is a kind soul, with incredible empathy and depth for her age. She loves hospitality and helping others. John, Age 4, is the life of the party. He has a vocal presence with confidence to spare.He loves to sing and dance and interact with people. Ethan, Age 2 loves to play drums, throw ball and wrestle we call him boss baby as he loves to boss his siblings around.